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Virtual XR Events

Imagine having the ability to place your stage or performance in any environment; a forest, a mountain, the ocean, a living room. Anything is possible and creative opportunities are limitless, allowing you to deliver a more engaging experience.

Maybe your presentation is about middle class families, so you want to be in a home in the suburbs. Or maybe your song is about the city lights at night, so you want to be on a hill overlooking town. We can go there, without ever leaving here. 

Live XR Events

Live, in-person, events capitalize on something special. The energy and experience created when we gather in person is impossible to entirely recreate through a remote viewing experience. But remote attendees can also be provided with a unique viewing experience as well. 


XR virtual production for live events can take the same technology used for virtual experiences and bring it on location to your event. Your in-person attendance will have all the benefits of an in-person event, and those participating virtually will have an experience available only to them; the blending of the real world and the virtual.

How It Works

What Sets Us Apart

This is more than just an LED backdrop. Combining technology from Disguise, OptiTrack, and Unreal Engine, we track camera locations to generate accurate parallax, which means you look like you are actually there.


There is no green screen, which allows you to see and interact with the virtual environment, and since the LED wall is a light source, you benefit from accurate reflections adding to the realism of your environment. 


Everything is done in real-time, which allows for you to livestream your XR performance with multicam switching and professional quality. 

Extended Reality Events

Make the experience truly memorable for your remote audience with mind-bending XR virtual production technology.

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