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Our mobile Stageline SL100 is ready for your next event!

Have you ever seen a road legal trailer transform into a stage in about 30 minutes? Well, we have... and let us tell you - it is impressive!

The Stageline SL100 is the most widely used and requested stage in the live event industry. Not only is this mobile stage easy to operate, but it allows for a highly professional stage to be set up in almost any location. The stage offers maximum weather protection with fire retardant windwalls and ensures an event can carry on in rain, snow, or sunshine. Whether in sand, in grass, or in a parking lot, the wind resistant SL100 is widely accessible for any event and we are loving it!

It also allows for any vision to come to life - quickly and professionally.

Totally self standing.

Superior design for loads & rigging.

Rigging capacity of 11,400 lb.

Permanently mounted side trusses with a 1,500 lb. capacity per side.

Towing: with standard pick up truck.

Ready for us to help you make your event come alive with this stage?

Click HERE to get this stage at your next event!


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