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Dominic Fike x Evan Giia Rock Boston College

Dominic Fike and Evan Giia brought their stellar energy and vocal ranges all the way to Boston College! Evan Giia, up and coming EDM artist, took the stage as Dominic Fike's opener. Her energy ignited the crowd. Dominic Fike waited for a slight lull in the crowd to make his entrance. The students roared with liveliness when they saw him from the wings of the stage. He performed "3 Nights," "Vampire," and "Westcoast Collective" just to name a few of his more popular songs.

It was a great night working alongside One If By Land Productions again. Looking forward to future events together!

Crew: Audio 1 (FOH) - Chase Clark Audio 2 (Mons) - Aaron Lauzier Lighting 1 - Ryan Lane Lighting 2/Photographer - Kate Hogan-Hines Backline/Patching - David St. Germain


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